About Us

We started Need to Know as a series of sites where you could get quality training at a reasonable price. Our experience had been one of the two, but not both, quality and price. Too many people are trying to either sell you something on YouTube, because of affiliate links, or make a splash and go viral, and the training sites we did find are cheap and trashy, or quality and expensive. Many of them require you to have a specific certification before you can even download the materials.

I have owned a number of businesses, and while I knew I needed to be on the internet, I found myself paying someone else a lot of money every time I needed something done. These ranged from $3,000 to $7,000 and none of the companies could produce what I wanted. So, I started producing my own websites and learned that it really wasn’t that hard.

We began with our own personal experiences; we began creating some training materials and expanded that into books. The books are both online and audio style books. As we grew. we discovered that many people had knowledge and experience that was going to be lost as they retired or died. We discovered that many people had information that they wanted to share as a book, because that is the way Baby Boomers think about passing on information.

Most of us never even considered a series of videos as training. We either got our knowledge from a book or we got it from the school of hard knocks.

We now are in the process of bringing up a series of websites that are designed to provide you with a quality set of information. There are three sites to begin with.

Since my wife is a CPA, PMP and a CFO, and we are both members of Financial Executives International (FEI), we began with a simple auditing website called AuditExpeditingNetwork.com. This website is dedicated to improving the financial audit experience.

The second website is NeedToKnowTraining.com, which is focused on two objectives, The first is passing on basic experience and know that we all need to know, and the second is creating a place where we can capture the knowledge and experience that is being lost as people retire. This group also will include books or information for books that people have prepared.

The third website is a website that is designed to help new and small companies to look and be better though proper training. This website is NeedToKnowPrivate.com, which is designed to help businesses with  less than 20 employees to provide functional training. This training can be any thing from new hire orientation to ethics training with testing and reporting.

We are trying to build the Need to Know (NTK) brand as a reputable, valuable, and solid service.