Speaker’s Assistant

Training will be held in the one of the class rooms at Dallas Makerspace. The address is 1825 Monetary Ln #104, Carrollton, TX 75006.

In today’s world, society and the economy, are based on short term projects or gigs. A little extra income. We have a way that you can earn $50 (our recommendation, actual rate is negotiated) for a 2-hour gig. By working with speakers to sell their products at the back of a meeting room. We are providing free training and lunch, while taping the initial class.

You will be taught how to present yourself at a speaking event. And everything else you will need to know by a couple of experts in the field. We will also help you to find work by featuring one certified assistant each month in our magazine.

So why is it free? Because, we are video taping this session and producing training materials to sell. It is not MLM or bait and switch.

Free Training