Webinar – Audit Expediting

This webinar is about audits and auditing. This webinar is designed to provide you some ideas on how you can save money on your company audits. Today we will discuss a variety of subjects and as promised we will provide you with at least one big tip on how to save on your audit costs. Although we have seen bigger savings, we are only asking if you would like to save over last year’s cost and would that be of value to you.

The Audit Expediting Network is a group of professionals who have banded together to share their experience and ideas, on ways to improve the audit experience at most companies. With the rising costs of audits reaching the point that many public companies are having to go private to avoid these costs, this idea of sharing experiences is becoming a requirement.

The network includes Certified Public Accountants, that have experience on all types of audits, including government audits, which are not discussed here. The network also includes several Project Management Professionals, who bring a very different perspective to the idea of audits and some of the steps involved with an audit.

Basically, the members of the Audit Expediting Network are Audit Specialists, who have taken the time to put together this webinar and training to help you, their fellow CFO’s and others in preparing for an audit in ways that will reduce the costs of your audit. They share their experience, both what worked and where they had challenges.

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