Webinar – Defense by Design

This free webinar is designed to provide ideas that will help keep you and your employees out of the court room of both legal and social media. It discusses what should be done. The webinar addresses the problem from where you currently are. It has sections for both the employer and the employee.

The Defense by Design free webinar is cornerstone to the detailed lessons. In this free webinar the learner will meet Jeff McKissack and learn his exceptional style of teaching. This free webinar is worth the time to watch for anyone in business. It does not matter if they are the employer or an HR department.

These courses are divided into the way you do business, whether this is an internal structure, such as a traditional office. Or a business with external activities, such as plumbers, Real Estate Agents, or anyone that works in someplace besides a normal office. There is even a individual course for those businesses that have both types of structures.

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