Introduction to Power To Thrive

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean uncharted, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.”

Brian Tracy, author/coach

Makes the Power to Thrive Different
from Other Personal Development or Motivational Seminars and Programs?

What sets Power to Thrive apart from other so
called “seminars” is that we teach the concepts in our
weekend experiences to touch all learning styles. The Power to Thrive is NOT
just another seminar, its meant to be a TRANSFORMATIONAL
presented in such a way that each style of learning is able to
relate to the material. Not to mention, its Bible based in nature.

We use a wide range of learning methods such as:

  • Small Groups
  • Large Groups
  • Visualization
  • Games
  • Drills
  • Interactive Learning Session

We present each concept in lecture form (auditory learner),
in visual form (visual learner) combined with an exercise to practice what the
participant has learned (hands-on learner). In doing this, the participant
walks away with more than a textbook knowledge of the material; they have an
intellectual, physical knowledge as well as emotional healing.

What we know is that you will remember 10% of what you READ, 20% of what you HEAR, 30% of what you SEE, 50% of what you SEE and HEAR, 70% of what you SPEAK,
and 90% of what you EXPERIENCE!  That’s what makes the Power to Thrive weekend
so different, it’s an experience not a seminar. 

Many of the other so
called “seminars” are more informational and in their delivery more
lecture oriented and more surface whereas the Power to Thrive Experience
goes to the very core of your being and who you really are and created to be.
You will gain personal development building tools that will allow you to take
what you have learned back into your life and implement those tools into your health,
wealth, and relationships so that you can live your best life now!

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