Resadoze Usage Instructions

The Resadoze Sleep System is designed to be played when you need to go to sleep and left on through the night. It can be restarted if you have any trouble with your sleep. The video will start out loud and eventually it will fade to no light or sound after about 45 minutes. This is when you should be at your deepest point in the sleep cycle. The system works with your natural sleep cycle of approximately 90 minutes.

Your Resadoze Sleep System does not require you to pay attention to the video. So, if you have teen age children, who are sharing a room and tend to chat (or play) with each other for long periods before going to sleep, you can simply start it when they go to bed. They should be asleep in about 5 to 10 minutes after a couple of times using the video. Leave the video on after they have gone to sleep, it is training the brain to accept the frequencies being generated by the video.

Some people have trouble with the system for the first couple of uses. Their brain is not used to being put to sleep or forced in to the deep sleep cycles of the Resadoze Sleep System. If you will simply stick with the system, your brain will stop resisting sleep and will start cooperating with the system.

Actual Setup and Usage

To use the system simply select the lesson labeled Play Sleep Video under this course plan and then maximize the video to use the entire screen.

And have a good night’s rest.

It is that simple.