The Need To Know Brand is a Series of Websites.

Need To Know Training

Need To Know Training provides training courses and materials for life long learning. These courses are intended to be instructive combination  of videos and other materials.

Need To Know Private

This section is our private training business. In this area we produce training that is only available to your business or needs.

Need To Know Small Business Ideas

This website is dedicated to help grow small businesses in the US. It contains both ideas that we have developed and franchise opportunities, that other people have developed. 

Need To Know Charity

This website is where we help small charities grow and start. We vet a charity for fulling a real need in to community and a worthy cause. We accept donations and we have a General Fund for those that just want help, but are focused on a particular charity. 

The Audit Expediting Network

The Audit Expediting Network is designed for two primary purposes. First to improve the audit experience, by training audit expediters, in some project management techniques which will lower the cost of your financial audit. And second to provide a search and location system for those individuals that wish to become an Audit Expediting Professional. Once someone earns the AEP Certificate, we add them to the searching data base.