What is the best use of Your Time?

Letter from the President

In business, one must ask themselves this very important question: What is the best and most valuable use of our time? The answers to this question can be the difference between success and failure, or a higher level of success versus just getting by. How do you determine what the best use of your time is, or for that matter, the best use of your staff’s time?

The logical first step is to analyze what you are trying to achieve. In order to get from here to there, you must know where both here and there is. Once you determine this, you can start to list actions or tasks that help you achieve that goal or target. For many , putting pen to paper is an eye-opening experience.

It is a very common occurrence that some of the activities that you thought were important were not so important. Many realize that some daily activities which have cost hours of their valuable time per week could be better classified as distractions instead of advancing the proverbial ball. At Preferred Technology Solutions, advancing the ball to your goal line is why we go to work each day.

Let me go back to the question of what is the best and most meaningful use of every hour of every day? Many times, we are engaged to analyze a business because they are not happy with where they currently are in regards to efficiency and profitability. Other times, we are called in because the business has reoccurring issues where others have only put band aids on, rather than resolving the root of the issue. On the happier side, we often get to consult with an organization because the company is rapidly growing and needs strategic technical and business process advice.

What we very often find is that there are members of the team that are not focused on the right things every day. Because they are not prioritizing the most valuable tasks, it leads to profitability slipping through their fingers!

One of our specialties is showing ways that digitally transforming an organization through the proper use of technology can help them reach their goals and objectives. These are just a few of the many ways that we help our clients succeed.

Neil Medwed