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Have you got some unique Experience or Knowledge?

We are always looking for content. We want to talk to you about converting what you know into an Online Training course. We want to help you get published.

  • You can receive passive income from your knowledge.
  • You can become an expert in your field.

We handle all of the  conversion to videos and publish you online.

How are your skills?

How are your presentation skills?  Not Good, No Problem. We have speakers that can stand in for you.

How are your writing skills? Not Good, No Problem. We have ghost writers, that can listen and write.

Want to Team up with someone else?

Don’t have something to teach, sorry. Unless, you have the skills to take someone else’s work and convert it into Training. This is something where we try to help people out.

Email us with your ideas: NewTraining @ NeedToKnowTraining.com