Defense By Design – Internal Employees

How to Spot Trouble Before Trouble Spots You.

For those businesses who have more internally based employees. Such as those employees and employers that work in a specific building or location. This specific location is an office or single location.

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Ways to use this material.

There are 2 recommended ways to use this material. Both are supported within this product’s frame work.

  1. They can be used as part of a management meeting. The videos are good starters for discussions. They are designed to begin conversations and to help get your security back into the light. The meeting sign up sheet is provided under Lesson 1 of the Main Course.
  2. They can be watched by the individual employees and a record of their testing results upon completion of the course is returned to the employee. The employee can then forward the certificate on to HR.

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Difficulty: For Employees

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Defense by Design – Internal Employees

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